Knicks Film Study: Ron Baker 2017-18 Shining Moments

With Ron Baker exercising his $4.5 million player option for 2018-19, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of his strongest performances from last season.

Baker was hampered by injury, playing in only 29 games, and he is probably destined for a bench role, at best, under Fizdale; but, today, we will focus on the subtle things he did well in a few select games last season.

Jeff Hornacek came under immediate scrutiny for playing Ron Baker over Frank Ntilikina on opening night. That fact aside, the Knicks made a run after Baker entered the game. Let’s see how he looked.

Ron Baker finally appeared healthy vs the Atlanta Hawks. Jeff Hornacek gave him plenty of playing time, and he rewarded the coach with defensive intensity and a little offense off the bench.

If you appreciate the subtleties that win a basketball game and the development of two young players, the fourth quarter of the Knicks x Nets game was for you.

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