1. Good thinking. I am a Knick fan. Good. About this comming draft and not discussing now about the first 7 highly probable picks, I beleive Smith is, including Walker, one of the most natural players in the whole draft. Both are now diamonds in a rough and Smith is a more aggressive Devin Booker type. He will improve in all areas in just two years and show how special he is. What people look at him now as a concern is his size but this kid has the kind of talent just the stars players have. He will be capable of doing everything in the court both sides. The kid is really someone to take with a lot of consideration and attention.



  2. Hi Sally, In previous events, there has not been a charge for parking at Rochford Winery. Therefore I believe that the upcoming concert this weekend should also have free parking. Have an amazing time! Kind regards, Jess



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