Miles Bridges’ assistant coach sees new culture in New York as positive for Bridges

Michigan State associate head coach Dwayne Stephens talked about Miles Bridges’ interest in joining the Knicks via phone with

Stephens: “I hope they have a big interest, I’d like to see him go there, personally,”

I think with the new people in the front office, it seems like they’re going to go in a different direction or take a different approach. When the Knicks are good, the NBA is good, you know?”

Back in October, when Bridges was at Madison Square Garden for Big Ten media day, he seemed thrilled by the possibility of landing with the Knicks.

“It’s going to be great,” he said. “If the Knicks draft me, I’ll be extremely happy. It’s a great organization. I know it’s been going through a lot in the past few years but every team goes through that and at some point it’s going to be a turnaround point. So if I were part of that turnaround point, then I would be happy.”

via Adam Zagoria, SNY

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