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Trae Young’s father Ray: “I know Sexton’s family. I’ve known Collin the last couple of years through AAU, high school basketball so first of all, if any of those guys get drafted by the Knicks, the Knicks are getting two great men,” Ray said. “But the way they’re different — I think Trae does it all.

“I think it really gets overlooked that he led the country in points and assists. Not only did he do that as a college player, but he did that as a freshman. I just don’t see people talking about that and the one thing people don’t realize about Trae is he loves to pass the ball. He’s only just been able to score because he can shoot and his goal is to lead the NBA in assists. With a player like Collin, what he can bring is that he’s a dog — not saying Trae isn’t a dog — but Collin is going to go at you, all day, all night. It just depends what a team wants. That’s not to say Collin is not an all-around player or an all-around point guard, but Trae’s proven.”

via Stefan Bondy, New York Daily News