Draft Coverage

Knicks fans have been excited about the prospect of drafting Mikal Bridges. The Villanova stand-out has an affinity for playing at Madison Square Garden and guarding the opponent’s best player. One opposing NBA general manager sees him more as a solid rotation player than a star.

Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmitz breakdown who the Knicks would take at each possible draft slot. Givony is well-respected in scouting circles, so he must have some information, but it seems odd that he keeps pegging Collin Sexton to the Knicks at #9.

Sexton at 9

Givony and Schmitz also released their first scouting reports on ESPN. They project Collin Sexton as a lead guard, with physical comps to Patrick Beverley, Eric Bledsoe, and Chris Duhon.

Scott Perry told Alan Hahn that while the Knicks would like to add an athletic wing to their roster, their draft choice will depend on the talent that is available when they pick.

Knicks Draft Workout Tracker

NBA Draft Updates

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