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Read a detailed Q&A with David Fizdale on the pains of growing up in South Central, leaders he admires, his favorite movies, and some basketball stuff:

Q: How do you motivate?
A: I’ll do a lot of crazy stuff, too (laugh). I do a lot of different stuff. I try a lot of different ploys. I use videos, I use speakers, I’ll use props (laugh). I try to motivate even when it’s not a game day, and do things for the guys and with the guys from a team-building standpoint that gives them encouragement.

Q: The defensive disposition you will demand from your team?
A: […] For whatever we lack in star power right now or in experience, we can surely make it up in being disruptive and tough and disciplined and vocal. Being the loudest, best-communicating team, that can be a talent in itself. That’s something we can take care of now, we don’t have to wait for that. […]

via Steve Serby, New York Post