Get to know Nick Van Exel

It has been reported by Stefan Bondy that Van Exel will join Fizdale’s staff as an assistant coach.

Everyone knows Nick Van Exel the player, what about as a coach?

  • Head Coaching experience in G-League for Texas Legends (2015-16)
  • Played in Golden State when Fizdale was an assistant (2003-04)
  • Assistant coach to Fizdale in Memphis (2016-17)

Maxwell Ogden has an excellent write-up on Van Exel and how he could help the Knicks

Van Exel: “With [Fizdale], he coached me at Golden State. We had a pretty good relationship there. We’ve always kept in touch. Any time I would be in Atlanta, as a player, we spoke. Even as a coach, we spoke. Even when he went to Miami, we kept in contact and went out to eat a few times here and there. One thing I know about Coach Fizz is, he’s a winner. He’s been with Miami for a while, but he has a passion and a drive. I think he has a vision – a clear vision on what he wants to get done with these guys here. I like his vision.”


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