David Fizdale Press Conference

Fizdale Play in Mecca


If you don’t have time for the full 54 minute press conference, here are the key points and some highlights from the event:


Trey Burke flew in special for the press conference, Kyle O’Quinn came despite his uncertain future, both Lance Thomas and Emmanuel Mudiay were also in attendance.

Fizdale called out Mudiay during the press conference to say they have work to do and believes Mudiay is going to be tough to defend next year.

The Knicks emphasized building the right way, grinding out each day, and not skipping steps along the way.

Fizdale admitted that he was too aggressive in pushing change in Memphis. Says he learned from the experience.

Mills says that Fizdale likes to use analytics in constructing his lineups, looking at three-man lineup combinations, two-man lineup combinations, etc.

Fizdale emphasized position-less basketball; when asked specifically about Porzingis playing power forward or center, Fizdale responded “All of it. Why limit it?”

In meeting with James Dolan, Fizdale walked away impressed with the unified vision between the owner, president (Mills), and general manager (Perry).

Fizdale says they will go through assistant coach search the same way the team conducted head coach search, by sitting with a lot of candidates, looking for people who are open-minded, innovative, and willing to disagree with Fizdale, explain why.

Noah reached out to congratulate Fizdale on the hiring. Fiz said he is coming in with an open mind on all players.

One Comment

  1. Great fit..fiz seems to be focused on all the right things,but what excites me most is his desire to finally bring Defense Back to the msg..missing since the days of ewing.oakley.starks.and mason….welcome mr fizdale..go knicks



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