Former Nets guard and Grizzlies radio announcer, Elliot Perry, gleams about Fizdale:

“He’s always searching on how you can get better,’’ Perry said. “You think every coach searches, but he’s always searching for that information. We can play this way, but if it doesn’t work, we can make those adjustments. How can we get better, even if it’s marginally better, even if it’s one step, what does that look like?’’

“The biggest asset is when he makes a mistake, he owns up to the mistake,’’ Perry said. “You will see it a number of times in his press conferences. When something happens during a game that was his fault, he will say it’s his fault and he’ll have to get better. That’s unusual for coaches. You’ll find out he’s a tremendous communicator and will not run from problems.”

via Marc Berman, New York Post