Meet the real Natasha Sen-Fizdale

When news broke that the Knicks had hired David Fizdale, many sites were quick to post pictures of his wife to draw clicks. I normally wouldn’t comment on a coach’s wife, but I feel it’s important to share with everyone who Natasha Sen-Fizdale is as a person, volunteer, philanthropist, and dog lover.

The following are excerpts taken from this interview where you can learn more about Mrs. Sen-Fizdale, her company, and her impact in Memphis:

What’s the story behind The Creative Penny? Where did that name come from?

One, it’s named after my first dog, Penny. She’s so lovable and spunky and smart — she’s my only dog that does multiple tricks. I wanted that mix of smarts and fun and creative vibe to be what my company is all about. Second meaning is that we know how to spend your pennies well.

Was Penny your first rescue dog? Is that how you began advocating for dog rescue?

All my dogs are rescue dogs. I’ve had so many people who have dogs now ever since we’ve had dogs, because we’re all about that and I won’t stop talking about it. [My husband and I] are huge animal lovers; that’s one of the reasons why we connected.

You’ve been in Memphis almost a year now. What has had the biggest impact on your experience here?

We’ve had such a great experience, because Memphis is such a great city. I’ve been able to do so much that I care about. I met with the head of the Women’s Foundation, and we did something called the Grizz Women’s Summit at the end of March. We’re the first NBA team that’s ever done something like that. We had 18 different high school and middle school girls’ sports teams come in; we did drill sessions, workout sessions and had breakout sessions with huge WNBA stars, which is a big deal for these girls. I was in tears by the end of it. Every year, we’re just going to make it bigger and bigger.

via Andria K. Brown, StyleBlueprint

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