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Haley O’Shaughnessy, of The Ringer, writes how Fizdale can help modernize the Knicks offense:

Fizdale helped Bosh transform into the prototypical stretch 4 that is now a staple for most frontcourts. In addition to becoming more comfortable from the perimeter on offense, he also became more effective defending the perimeter—two musts for most bigs these days.

Also consider what he did with Marc Gasol: The big Spaniard attempted 588 3-pointers in the past two seasons combined; he attempted 66 in the previous eight.

“In my first conversation with Marc, I said, ‘Well, you know I’m going to start taking you out if you don’t get up at least four 3-pointers a game,’” Fizdale told ESPN. “And I think he about fell out of his chair when I said it.”

via Haley O’Shaughnessy, The Ringer