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The Knicks had a lot of success promoting players from the G-League to the big club this season, from Trey Burke to Isaiah Hicks to Luke Kornet.

An important aspect to the success of the Westchester Knicks and player development is not just which players reach the NBA, but what kind of player is on the roster to help teach and develop the young guys. Jordan Henriquez is one of those players, and Chris Priczak had the chance to interview him for a recent piece.

As [Jordan Henriquez] continues the journey to showcase his skills for Knickerbocker brass again, Henriquez believes he’s well equipped to make the necessary impression.

“From when I was the young guy coming out of college or going into my second year out (as a professional) when I was with the (New York) Knicks [summer league],” Henriquez-Roberts added, “I played with Cole Aldrich. I played with Shannon Brown, I looked up to those guys. Even if it was just in that little bit of time, I was able to see how they acted as professionals at this level. Now I can serve in a similar role for Westchester’s young guys.”

via Chris Priczak, The Sports Daily: Knicks Journal