View from the Hawks side: Mike Budenholzer

Michael Cunningham broke the news that Mike Budenholzer would talk to the Knicks about their coaching vacancy. He recently wrote how it would be difficult to see Budenholzer return to the Hawks, now that it is known he wants out of town (remember, he originally received permission to talk to the Suns).

Under the circumstances, I don’t see how Mike Budenholzer can remain Hawks head coach. As far as I know, Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk hasn’t ruled out the possibility of keeping Budenholzer as coach even after he seeks out other jobs. But if Budenholzer were to remain it would be, in my view, an unworkable situation for the Hawks.

If Budenholzer were to return, how could the Hawks function normally with their coach unhappy with his situation and eyeing other jobs? How can Hawks player work for a coach they aren’t sure is committed to the team and may be a lame duck, anyway?

via Michael Cunningham, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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