Is Mike Budenholzer willing to relinquish control?

Scott Perry and Steve Mills have made clear that they are looking for a coach who would be part of the decision-making process, working as a team with the management group. Budenholzer was President & General Manager of the Hawks before stepping down last year.

How much say would he want in personnel matters if he came to New York? That could be a sticking point.

Budenholzer obviously wants out of Atlanta. His displeasure is related to losing personnel power to Schlenk last year, and Schlenk’s subsequent decision to rebuild via the draft. Remember, there were no head coach openings in the NBA after last season, so Budenholzer had little choice but to stay with the Hawks if he wanted to be a head coach in 2017-18.

via Michael Cunningham, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Reports say Budenholzer became disenchanted with the Hawks over personnel matters.

“He had control in Atlanta then lost control. So that’s a question. Can he deal within a system where he’s not the final decision-maker?” the rival exec said.

They probably never should have given him control to pick players and make those decisions. That’s not in his realm,” the Western exec said. “But he was in a perfect situation with new ownership. He had just done a fabulous job, it was a contract year so he could ask for what he wanted. But around the league, people think he is an excellent coach.”

via Fred Kerber, New York Post

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